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第四话|Ayahuasca Ceremony in Peru|秘鲁原始部落的致幻术|

Keeping heading north from Chile to Peru.

My first stop in Peru is for Ayahuasca.

Ayahuasca is a vine master plants from amazon tribe.

Tribe people use it to cure the soul and sickness for thousands years.

It unblocks all your darkness,

and brings you to connect with different dimension of life.

I had my ceremony with local Shaman on my birthday night.

And this is what happened.


It started as rainbow color flowers, plants starts waving dancing.

Mother ayahuasca said u wanna explore? Okay I will show u.

Then Animal , safari, all the plants sings dance.

This heaven that everything is colorful,

and people are living so peacefully and happily together with the nature.

Communicating with each other.


Next chapter. Time travel.

Sometimes I went to the future, robot and human dancing laughing together.

Sometimes I was floating in the universe.

Sometimes I was back to my past life, which in another reiki ceremony I saw, a witch.

She was smiling at me.

Sometimes I was like a bird with blue feather, then turned into 7 colors, holding the earth.

The pain came out as machine gun, life. Bleeding.

I was just really calm and holding it and healing it.

Then I realized I was one of the god from spiritual world.

And this has always been my mission to the earth, to heal ppl.

No matter in what life. I'm always doing the same thing.

In different format, in past life with my magic, this life with my camera.

Then I saw all the bird, spiritual god starts to dance surround my camera,

putting beautiful layers, filter on it, to add more magic in it.


Then I got a key from them, it's like a key that I can open for any door in time tunnel ,

I can fly freely from past to the future, also it's my key home, to meet my fellows.

Then I start to having hard time to leave them, struggling to detach them, to land again in earth,

I have to really comfort myself to land on earth.


Then I saw a man I met in Chile named Marcos,

I saw him crying in my arms,

and sometimes we were just holding each other and comforting each other,

sometimes he is making a funny face, sometimes he was playing guitar,

I was taking photo. And the melody just pop up as floating notes and dancing with my photos .


Then I saw my mom, we were like two bird, talk all time.

She is in Tibet, flying over the filed, discovering story there. I'm here, digging stories here.

Then we are just two happy bird, and I start to pray for her feet to get better.

And pray for my dad to find his happiness.


Final stage, I'm back to the forrest, all the animal, plants, being in the nature start to shout together.

I was talking and communicating to all the plants and animals.

All the pain from the nature especially animals using my body as a channel to release their pain.

That's why I was vomiting and diarrhea a lot.

And I saw fire dragon coming out from the volcano, the explosion of volcano.

Also I saw every one is party and laughing sitting on the clouds.

And I also saw a bird at Machupichu, he was calling me, and I have to go and meet him.