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Photo Story

Cover of Desire

It was that afternoon I asked flor and mana to be my Japanese friend’ s makeup model.

Unlike Argentina, for Japan, make up is a daily life thing. Just like cloth, has its price, and can transform you into another person.

And in Japan, hide your real emotion well, and behave perfectly is the beauty.

That’ s why we decided to be nude, to fight with the heavy makeup.

It’ s a series of 3 woman’ s intimacy, the twisted body, the sense of incongruity is the way

how I see Japanese and Argentina culture reflected on two argentine woman.

The chubby one is Flor, she is a painter, who loves the effect of different lights. also, she loves Wong Kar Wai.

The slim one is Mana, my argentine roommates, who loves use glass to print her works.

She just finished her 15 years relationship, 32 years old, starts to learn how to live alone.

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