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Photojournalism Video

「Chinese Role / 中国角色」 

Taken In China and England


Duration :  06:33

This is an on-going project about Yan Liping's  modern dance troupe in China,

 I started shooting them in 2016, as a Japanese photographer,

this was my first window to observe Chinese modern society.

One of the most important role player in China.

Most of the time,

they are wrapped in spotlights on the stage,

but which we don't see is that they also have to make their own life choices off it,

and everyone wants to be seen in a world of 1.6 billion people.

5 years of shooting, Some already got his fame all over China,

Some left the role of dancer as behind, Some still struggling with her living.

My plan is to shoot for 10 years. and what I really want to record is

how this whole Chinese generation is striving to live,

and how they finding their balance between the roles and themselves.

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