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Born in China and came to Japan for college. When she was 2 ◯ , she felt “Not Chinese enough without life in college in China. Not Japanese enough without life before college in Japan. Mix the two? Well, South America sounds perfect!”. So, she left, for Argentina, alone. In the ◯ years she stayed there, she learned that love and violence, freedom and poverty go hand in hand with each other. Lived with a shaman in the Amazon, Mumuko’s past life as seen through therapy was apparently “a witch in rainbow colors”.

“I want to see the view that only those who reach high ground can see.” That's the starting point of her production. For freedom, she left her country, left her home, living out of one suitcase. Since COVID, she’s been talking more to animals and plants. Swimming freely like a transparent (and poisonous!) jellyfish, “I'm not qualified to be a human yet.”, she laughs, and continues her journey.

Mumuko sublimates suffering and cruelty into brilliant entertainment. She is an artist who continues to search for the possibilities of expression while riding the waves of the times.


2022    First Mumuko Photobook「DREAMLESS」published hy Genkosha


2022    Photobook「DREAMLESS」exhibited at Paris Photo Fair / Paris, Japan

2021  「Wrinkle up」Solo Exhibition Canon Gallery Tokyo+Osaka/Tokyo+Osaka, Japan

2021  「And now...   Solo Exhibition Sony Imagining Gallery Ginza /Tokyo, Japan

2020  「Role&Me」Solo Exhibition IWEI Art Museum/Yunnan, China

2017  「十面埋伏・Under Siege」 New York Time Square/New York, USA

2016   「Surviving」,  National Museum of Ethnology (30 works in the permanent collection)/Beijing, China

2016   「Raw」 La Galleria Pall Mall/London, UK


2024      Newcomer's Award of Photographic Society of Japan Awards/ Tokyo, Japan

2021      The Editor's Photo Award ZOOMS JAPAN 2021  / Tokyo, Japan

2019      Grand Prix, 2nd Canon SHINES Photo Awards  (Selected by Kanayo Egawa and Yasushi Kawamoto) / Tokyo, Japan

2019      Judges’Encouragement Award, 21st 1-WALL Photo Contest  (Selected by Kimi Himeno) / Tokyo, Japan

2016     Best Photo, Photography Category, EWAAC / London, UK

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