As a Japanese female artist.

So far, Mumuko has traveled to more than 50 countries around the world,

and expressing herself through visual art.

In recent years, she has been active in shooting photo projects in Argentina,

the Amazon jungle, and other places in South America.

As a young artist, Mumuko's works won many important international awards

And were exhibited in museums and galleries in

London, New York, Sydney and other cities abroad.




I think that whether I go to the Amazon jungle to be around local tribes,

or go to Turkey to face wars and conflicts,

I just want to increase the depth and expand my personal understanding of life.

Like the symbols, I talk about I am the roads I have traveled, the complex of stories.

Various cultural symbols grow savagely in my body, struggling and colliding,

Bloom a unique flower without borders.

What I want to do is to look beyond the people's 「roles」

and explore the 「1% self」 of real human nature.


2019    「The Grand Prix」Canon SHINES Photo Award /Tokyo, Japan

2019       The 21th 1-WALL Photo contest Jury Encouragement Award

              (Selected by Kimi Himeno)/Tokyo, Japan

2016    「Best Photo Prize」 of EWAAC 2016 Award competition/London, UK



2020  「Role&Me」Solo Exhibition IWEI Art Museum/Yunnan, China

2019  「Tokyo’s bird, Buenos Aires’s ant」 AHIF Art Exhibition/Beijing, China

2017  「十面埋伏・Under Siege」 New York Time Square/New York, USA

2017  「Argentine Geisha」 PH21 Gallery/Budapest, Hungary

2017  「Lost in translation」 Black Wall Gallery/Athens, Greece

2017   「Argentine Geisha」 National Gallery of Australia/Sydney, Australia

2016  「Surviving」 photo works permanently collected by The National Museum  

                of Ethnology/Beijing, China.

2016   「Raw」 La Galleria Pall Mall/London, UK

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