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Photojournalism Video

「Dust Diary / 灰尘日记」 

Taken In Argentina, Spain.   


Duration 05:18

Mana used to say; “ we’re just a dust in the universe, don’t take ourselves too serious.”


How I met Mana is through Airbnb, I rent her house for two months,

then I fell in love with her house, we started to live together since 2015.

The year I was 27, quitted my job, moved my life from Tokyo to Buenos Aires,

the year Mana was 31, just separated with her 15 years relationship, trying to figure out how to live alone.


She is a photographer who lives her life on my rent,

I just quitted my work from film industry trying to figure out what I want to do with my life.

Coming from Tokyo, I’m curious about how an artist could live happily without selling any work,

how she learn to live alone, how she is not consuming any clothes, how she can talk with her mom about sex all the day.

We often talk for day to night, about love, sex, woman and life.


Photography is one of our little way of exploring what’s woman,

what’s life. So this series is the pieces of our experimental diaries.


2016 Dec, I came back from Turkey to Argentina, Mana was on her way to Spain to explore her possibility of life,

3 month later, she told me she is tired of the chaos of Argentina and decided to stay in Spain.

And she wants to work because she wants to buy clothes.

Instead, I fell in love with the chaos of Latin America,

gave up my consuming desire, started to live as a dust in the universe. 


Now I’m in the Amazon of  Peru, just dedicate this series to our years together, Mana Pena, my dust fellow.

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