Art Collage Photo

Tokyo's Bird, Buenos Aires's Ant

The distance between Japan and Argentina is 18,358 km. 

It’ s hard to connect this two country together, because they’ re such an opposite culture.

If you dig a hole from Tokyo towards the core,

guess where you will end up with.

Buenos Aires.

The furthest two city in the world,

the two city I spent most of my life with.

the beauty of Argentina is liberating my restrain from Asian culture,

as the same time, is shaping my identity again.

So I started to take photo underwater and mix the photo of Tokyo and Buenos Aires together, to share the flowing process of my identity. 

It’ s a series not about Japan and Argentina, it can be any cities, about more and more people start to live a more nomadic way, 

about how we're facing the crisis of identity, how different cultures struggled, lost, fought and melted into an new identity.


An identity beyond the idea of nation, idea of ethnic, more as a global nomad.

And this is issue that more and more people are facing as more and more movement of human kind.

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