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Under Siege_028.jpg

「Chinese Role」 

This is a on-going series that is about a dance troupe in China, I followed them from

one city to another since they’re doing a country tour. Taking train together, eat

together and live together.

Forgotten Corner_029.jpg

「Forgotten Corner」 

Thabarwa, a shelter built by monks nearby Yangon, Myanmar. 

I felt utterly helpless when I first arrived here. 

A place that is forgotten and abandoned by society, everyone here seems to have lost their scripts and roles.


「Dust Diary」 

Mana used to say; “ we’re just a dust in the universe, don’t take ourselves too seriously.”

This is a diary  of how two girls from different world explore femininity, nudity and life through photography together.


Two Japanese woman gave up their stable life in Japan, came all the way to Buenos Aires Argentina to chase their Tango dream.

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