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第一话 / Giant Monster / 庞然巨兽・东京

The first time I got on a subway in Tokyo, the feeling of pressure was all around me.

Men in black suits with deadpan faces filled the whole space, then flooded into the street like black blood. Tokyo, like a ravening monster, was sternly cool and unmoved,

and I found myself in teas among the crowds.

Eventually I became comfortable living with the monster, even enjoying the distance

that comes of outward politeness and internal alienation.

I have lived in Tokyo now for 10 years.

During the day, the city is full of ladies dressed up in minks and diamonds, models with

brand-name clothing, housewives who just delivered the lunch-box to their kids and then rush to meet their lovers in a hotel. Also, the homeless huddling inside their box, trying to stay warm. All sorts of characters, outwardly we look free, but in reality,

we are just puppets, manipulated by the social system.

When darkness falls, Tokyo can’ t wait to tear off its mask, and the air is scented with smell of lust. 5 am in Shibuya, men hunt their prey on the street,

while women walk by in their heels, acting coy, slowing down to fade into their view.

The day is dawning, the subway is about to run,

let’ s unlearn our camouflage and suppression and dissipate our souls,

because we are all just empty shells driven by society anyway.

Because, this is Tokyo.








凌晨5 点的涉谷,男人们端着酒杯四下搜寻着猎物,面带矜持的女人们嗒嗒的踩着高跟鞋,却不易察觉的在男人的视线中放慢着脚步。

天快亮了,电车快开动了,让我们抛却白昼里相互的距离去拥抱热吻做爱吧, 扔掉身上的伪装和压抑让灵魂都放荡起来吧,


因为, 这里是东京。



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