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第二话 / Always Sakura / 不变的桜

In March, the Sakura trees blossom as scheduled, on time, never absent.

Each year, uneasy but eager, I grab my camera to shoot.

I am so afraid that I will end up taking the same photo every year.

Worried that I haven’ t changed a thing this whole past year,

fearful that I’ m getting too comfortable,

afraid that I’ m drowning in the inconsequential details of life,

no fight, no self-examination.

I struggled with insecurity until I realized the only way to be at peace is

to keep breaking boundaries.

Every March, I find a day to drink and chat with my friends under the Sakura trees.

The groups of Japanese people under the tree are exactly the same as

the clusters of Sakura on the tree,

it’ s never about individuals or heroism.

This is a country that appreciates the group and efficiency,

wearing down each person’ s edges, bolted into this giant and efficient machine.

The only way to be accepted is to be an ordinary nail.

When you fail, there are thousands of the same nails waiting to replace you.


每年3 月,樱花都不急不缓的绽放着,从不缺席。





每年3 月,我都会和朋友找一天坐在樱花树下喝酒,吃饭团,聊天。











March, 2016, I live in Buenos Aires,

there's no one else mentions Sakura anymore.

All the sudden, I miss those lovely Sakura a lot.

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